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Fee Schedule

Adult Hepatitis A Vaccine$90
Adult Hepatitis B Vaccine$100
Adult Tdap Vaccine$70
Adult TD Vaccine$55
Adult Pneumonia Vaccine (23)$150
Adult Pneumonia Vaccine (13)$255
Adult Influenza Vaccine$55
Blood Draw$10
Dressing Change$10
Foot Care$20
Hearing Test$6
Medication by injection (B12)$10
Medication Set-up$5
INR Check$25
RN Service$15.91 per unit (15 min. per unit)
LPN Service$12.96 per unit (15 min. per unit)
Suture Removal$10
Lead Screening$15
Child Passenger Safety/Car Seat Check$5
Urine Pregnancy Test$5

Environmental Fee Schedule

Swimming Pool Inspections$125
Sewer Inspections$150

*If a client is unable to pay, Ransom County Public Health will accept any amount that the client can afford to pay for services received.