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Elliott, North Dakota

The town of Elliott was founded by Tom Elliott in 1882. At one point in time, the town was a thriving business center.  Elliott was a lover of good horses so he platted an unusual town site, one of which the main feature was that of a race track.  For some years, Elliott was the home to the county fair and was also known for its 4th of July celebrations.

In the early days, the town handled a quantity of merchandise for inland towns in Sargent County. This business ended with the building of the NP railroad from Wahpeton to Oakes which created the towns of Gwinner and Stirum. The drought and depression of the 1930’s was the beginning of the end although the town still has the largest grain market in the county.

The population of Elliott in 2021 was 24.  The formal boundaries for the city of Elliott encompass a land area of 0.15 square miles with no water.