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Englevale, North Dakota

The town of Englevale was originally named Marshall after land owner Marshall T Davis. It was later renamed for Mathias L Engel who was a promoter for the community. In 1913, Englevale had a 4 year high school. At this time, there were 4 elevators, one of which burned down in 1915. The other three were the Andrews Grain Co, the Monarch Elevator Co, & a local cooperative. These remained in business until the early 1940’s.

Other businesses in 1913 included two stores, a combination pool hall/restaurant, another pool hall/soft drink parlor, two blacksmith shops, two garages, a state bank, post office, lumberyard, and two produce and cream buying stations. At one point, Englevale had three churches. The Woodman Lodge built a recreation hall, Standard Oil built a bulk station and Mr. Avery of Fort Ransom operated a horse drawn freight line between Englevale and Fort Ransom.

It too was a town that was hit very hard by population loss and better roads that took most of its business to larger towns.

The population of Englevale was 39 as of July 1, 2021. The formal boundaries contain 1.49 square miles with 0 square miles of water.